• Dream Herb - Calea Zacatechichi - 10x Extract -  20 Capsules

Dream herb ( Calea Zacatechichi)

Dream herb (Calea Zacatechichi) is a dream-enhancing plant with calming effects. This dream herb makes your dreams more vivid and can even induce lucid dreams. Native peoples of Mexico used this dram herb to stimulate dreams by which they predicted the future.

Effects of this Dream Herb 10x  Extract

Dream Herb is known as an eneirogen. It stimulates the occurrence of dreams. Dream Herb also has calming, relaxing effects. While being awake, it gives a very drowsy effect, but this is very different once you fall asleep. The Dream Herb gives you very vivid dreams and even invokes lucid dreaming! Lucid dreaming is the experience of being awake while dreaming, and having control over what you dream. Little scientific research has been done about this Dream Herb. Not much is known about its active compounds. The psychoactive alkaloids present in the plant, haven’t yet been isolated.

As the taste of this Dream Herb 10x Extract is very bad, we only deliver it in capsules! Of course you can open a capsule and take the powder, but that is at your own risk!

We deliver 20 capsules a 360mg Dream Herb 10x Extract. Price is with shipping costs included.

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Dream Herb - Calea Zacatechichi - 10x Extract - 20 Capsules

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