• Kratom Jumble - 500 Gram

Kratom Jumble

Kratom Jumble??? What the f*ck is Kratom Jumble????

Kratom Jumble is a mix of all the Kratom leftovers and Kratom leftover extracts we have.

Our suppliers deliver the Kratom and Kratom Extracts in 1/5/10/20kg bags (we have several suppliers) and we repack it in 100 gram bags. As we repack it, there is always some Kratom and Kratom Extracts left in the bags. Also when we make capsules, there is always some Kratom left in the machine. We collect these leftovers and throw them al in a container, mix them and we have Kratom Jumble......

As you can read above, we collect al leftovers, no matter what kind of Kratom or Kratom Extract it is. We also don't look at the vein color or that's refined Kratom, it's all thrown in that container.

We guarantee that this Kratom is stronger (as it also contains Kratom Extracts and Kratom Refined) as normal Kratom.

To let you try this Kratom Jumble, we made a special offer:

500 gram Kratom Jumble starting at € 49,95

The Kratom Jumble will be delivered in a normal plastic seal bag or (option) in 5 x 100 gram resealable aluminium bags! The Kratom Jumble capsules (contains +/- 360mg per capsule) will also be delivered in a normal plastic seal bag or (option) 3 x 200 capsules resealable aluminium bags!

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Kratom Jumble - 500 Gram

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