• Borneo Super Green - 100 gram

Borneo Super Green

Borneo Super Green received his name from the bright green colour of the leaves. Although most green Kratom is not very stimulating, this one is! Also it has high sedation en euphoria, but it's pain relief effect is not so great. Borneo Super Green is very strong and one of our most sold items.

The leaves are hand selected to get the strongest Borneo Super Green and guaranteed to be free of pesticides and other contaminants. For normal use, a dose of 3-5 grams is more than sufficient.

Packaged in sealed, resealable aluminium 100 gram bags. So that the product stays fresh as long as possible!

Price includes shipping costs!

If you want this product in capsules, just click here!

Disclaimer: Kratom is not a food (Non-Food). Kratom is only sold for research and/or learning purposes. Kratom is not intended or approved for consumption!

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Borneo Super Green - 100 gram

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