Kratom Strength

We sell 3 strengths of Kratom and to be honest, it's all the same Kratom!

The difference is explained below:

Commercial (We stopped selling this)

Commercial Kratom is the most sold Kratom on the internet. The Kratom is harvested, dried and milled into a fine powder. It's as simple as that. Most Kratom vendors only offer this kind of Kratom. So, if you buy Kratom from a internet-shop and they offer only one strength, (even as they sell it as Premium Kratom) it's a 90% chance that's Commercial grade Kratom.


Premium Kratom is the same Kratom as the Commercial Kratom. But, after drying, the older (darker) leaves are hand-picked and the larger veins are removed before milling it into a fine powder. This makes the Premium Kratom a lot stronger as the Commercial, but it is also time consuming and results in a 10-20% lower yield. That's why it's more expensive.

In our opinion it's "the best buy for your buck".


If you want something special, than this is the Kratom for you.

Refined Kratom is made from Premium Kratom. After the first grinding, this is done a second time, but after this second grinding we use air-pressure. The Premium Kratom powder is poured along the airflow. The dust of the powdered leaves is collected in containers, the heavier stems and veins will be falling down and used for other things. This is to make sure that there are absolutely no stems and veins left. This makes the Refined Kratom powder at least twice as strong as the normal Premium Kratom. From one kilo Premium Kratom we can only make 300-400 gram Refined Kratom.